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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 515 Everyone Wants to Take You Away

An answer quickly flashed in Summer's mind.

However, when the answer was about to slip out, she was suddenly unable to say it out loud.

It was not the best time.

There were still too many things remained unresolved, and the expert who hypnotized Leonardo weren't found yet. The current Leonardo only knew about the past, but he did not know or feel what happened afterwards.

Also, his love for her was not as deep as before.

"Do you find the person who hypnotized you?" Summer changed the topic, "That person took the initiative to find Kate. He definitely didn't just want to hypnotize you. He might also have other purposes."

She could change the topic, and Leonardo could also ignore what she said.

Leonardo raised her chin and forced her to look at him, "Answer me."

"Let's talk about this later." Summer flicked his hand off her face and took a step back.

Leonardo looked at his hand in disbelief. After a moment of silence, he said, "Why should we talk about it later?"

Summer's tone softened and she persuaded Leonardo, "There are still too many things not solved yet. We can talk about our own matters later."

But Leonardo didn't listen to her at all. He grabbed Summer's hand and stared at her. His voice was quite low. "Is there anything more important than us?"

"Yes." Summer looked up at him, "Your memory is very important. You need to find your memory to be a complete person."

Although Leonardo was normal now and there was no difference from before, he had to retrieve his memory.

Leonardo was angry. He forced a smile and said, "Summer, are you saying that I'm not a human now?"

In his opinion, the so-called reasons that Summer had given were not reasonable. They were just her excuses for not marry him.

Summer was a little helpless, "Leonardo, can't you just calm down and listen to me rationally?"

Leonardo narrowed his eyes and said softly, "If I'm not calm and rational now, do you think you can still stand here?"

He was angry again, and a bit furious.

Summer could even see the vague hostility from his eyebrows. He rarely showed such an expression in front of her. Summer shivered and she felt a chill on her back.copy right hot novel pub