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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 514 Get Rid of Him

Leonardo did not tiptoe, so as soon as he arrived at the kitchen door, Summer heard the footsteps behind her.

"Wait outside." Summer said without turning her head.

After a while, she turned around and didn't see him. She took two steps back and saw Leonardo sitting at his desk. She didn't know what he was doing.

Summer withdrew her gaze, and the water in the pot was boiling.

She cooked the noodles. When she was about to reach for the salt, her gaze fell upon the sugar in the seasoning box. Something came to her.

Did Leonardo really think she was a pushover?

The smile on Summer's face grew wider and she happily poured half a can of sugar into the pot.

Although Rosie and Leonardo looked alike, their tastes were completely different. Rosie loved sweets the most, while he hated them the most.

Summer took a spoon and stirred it in the pot. After confirming that all the sugar melted, she put some soup in it and tasted it.

She only took a sip before covering her mouth and spitting it out in disgust.

It would be sickeningly sweet for Rosie.

After the noodles were placed in a bowl, Summer hesitated. Wouldn't it be too much?

When she thought of Leonardo allowing Amber sit beside him at the banquet, she made up her mind.

She took the noodles to his desk and placed them in front of him rudely. Poker-faced, she said, "Eat."

He looked up at her and said nothing. He picked up his chopsticks and began to eat them.

However, the moment the noodles entered his mouth, he stopped.

Summer pulled the chair next to him and sat down. She supported her chin with her hand and smiled gently, "Is it delicious?"

When Leonardo swallowed it, he didn't bat an eyelid and said, "It's delicious."

"Is that so?" Summer was stunned.

"Yes." As if to confirm his words, Leonardo ate another mouthful in admiration, showing no sign of reluctance on his face.

If Summer hadn't tasted it herself, she would have suspected that there was nothing wrong with the noodles.

She watched him eat all the sweet and greasy noodles with a calm face. She was completely dumbfounded. Leonardo didn't even have any soup left.

Summer looked at the empty bowl and asked, "Do you want more?"

He put down his chopsticks and shook his head. "I'm full."

Summer stood up and took the bowl and chopsticks to the kitchen.

She touched the remaining soup in the bowl.copy right hot novel pub

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