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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 512 Don't Come If You Dare

Summer's tone was a bit cold but her words sent Jessica shivering.

Jessica held Summer's arm and leaned on her lazily. "Summer, you've lived with Leonardo for a long time, and you're almost as scary as him when you talk."

Summer was amused by her and said, "You are getting more beautiful, just like those tabloids said."

Jessica patted her. When they left the banquet hall, they saw Carl panting.

When he noticed them, he stopped. Tired, he gasped, "How did you all come out ... come out ... Ro..."

Summer interrupted him and said, "Rosie is inside."

"Ah?" Carl looked in the direction of the hall in surprise.

The next second, Jessica knocked her bag on his head. "You can't even look after a child. Didn't Summer say that you should call if something happens? You should call me if you can't look after her!"

"Ouch!" In public, Carl was well respected and all the female celebrities wanted to piggyback his fame. However, at this moment, covering his head, he was beaten by a woman.

And he could not hit back.

Summer watched aside for a while. Seeing others coming out of the hall, she pulled Jessica and said, "Alright, stop."

Jessica's handbag wasn't big, and there was just enough room for a phone, a small mirror and two lipsticks. It wouldn't cause much pain when she hit him with it.

To mollify Jessica, Carl let her vent her anger.

Jessica indeed calmed down a little, but she felt a little guilty about it before Summer.

"I'm sorry. If it weren't for my idea, Rosie wouldn't have..."

Summer interrupted her, "Don't say that. Rosie is naughty and imaginative. How can I blame you?"

Summer comforted her and turned to ask Carl, "What was going on?"

People came out one after another. Summer signaled Jessica and Carl to talk about it while walking.

"Rosie said that she was hungry, so I wanted to order room service, but she insisted on having steamed buns, so I planned to take her out .copy right hot novel pub