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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 510 Such a Reason

After Summer figured out what was going on, she heard Stanley's answer.

She looked at Jessica and Stanley, then she asked, "What do you mean?"

Stanley smiled. "Miss Jessica just asked me if I could tell what a person is thinking by his movements and expressions."

Summer nodded and asked, "So, can you?"

Stanley stared at Summer for a few seconds and said, "Technically, yes."

"Then guess what Summer is thinking right now?" Jessica became interested in this.

As an actor, Jessica needed to make the characters on paper alive and present them to the audiences.

Psychiatrists analyzed people by the look in their eyes and their movements.

And actors, on the other hand, needed to develop a character through the same things.

In a sense, psychiatrists and actors were almost doing the same thing.

As a scriptwriter, Summer also became very interested in this.

Since Jessica and Summer were both curious, Stanley put down the wine glass and surveyed Summer for a while. Then he said, "Summer is sitting sideways, and Mr. Emerson is standing in that direction."

Stanley said no more.

He just looked at Summer with a smile.

"I know." Jessica paused for a moment before saying meaningfully, lingering on the "Oow".

Summer touched her nose. She was getting a little shy being stared by Jessica and Stanley.

Summer moved her body and did not sit sideways. She did not deny it, but she was uncomfortable if they kept talking about it. So, Summer changed the topic, "Then what about Jessica?"

"Miss Jessica is boisterous," Stanley said as his gaze fixed on Jessica's feet.

Jessica was sitting with her legs crossed. She kept one foot on the ground, as if she was about to stand up at any time.

Stanley continued, "And she likes to enjoy the fun."

Jessica immediately put her legs down and said, "You're so observant. I won't dare to get relaxed in front of you."

"Miss Jessica, you must be joking. I won't observe other people unless they're my patients," Stanley said with a smile, which made him look easier to approach.

Jessica used to have prejudices against Stanley. She thought that he saved Summer for some reasons. However, it had been so long and Stanley had never hurt Summer. He even dared to confront Leonardo.

Therefore, Jessica completely changed her attitude toward Stanley.

An elite man like Stanley, who was amusing and amiable, would be adorable wherever he went.

They were chatting happily, but Jessica suddenly shut up.

Summer was confused.copy right hot novel pub