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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 509 The Reputation of the Emersons

What a good show! Noticing that Summer and Amber had left, the others had no reason to watch anymore. Some people wanted to talk to Leonardo, but noticing he didn't look well, they didn't dare to come close.

After those people left, Leonardo turned to look at Michael. They were alone, so they could be more outspoken.

Michael looked at him with an odd smile and said mockingly, "It's the same to you. You can't get what I can't get."

Michael had been calculating all his life but got nothing in the end.

He and Leonardo had long since turned against each other, and now he didn't need to hide his hatred and malice towards Leonardo.

However, just one sentence from Leonardo made Michael fall silent.

"How long has it been since you've seen Violet?" Leonardo's tone was light. He seemed to ask casually, but it hit Michael hard.

Michael wanted to see Violet, but he was a proud man. He didn't want Violet to see him defeated by Leonardo.

Even if he really wanted to see Violet, he only thought about it and would never take the initiative.

Michael clutched at the armrest of the wheelchair and looked at Leonardo with hatred. He seemed to want to tear Leonardo apart with his ferocious gaze.

Leonardo was very satisfied with Michael's reaction.

"You must want to see her. I'll take you there." Leonardo bent down and sat down beside Michael, his voice low and slow.

It looked like they were having an ordinary father and son chat. In the distance, some people even whispered about the good relationship between Leonardo and Michael.

"Leonardo!" Even though things had come to this, Michael didn't go off on Leonardo at the dinner party. He was so angry that he wanted to tear Leonardo apart, but he still lowered his voice to prevent others from noticing that they had already turned hostile.

Leonardo's lips curled into a mocking smile. "You're a good father." Even now, Michael still tried not to debase the Emerson family.

"Come after me all you want. Don't harm Violet. We are the Emersons. It's not good for either of us to disrupt the Emerson Group!"

At the mention of the Emerson Group, Michael gave Leonardo a sharp look. This was a kind of warning.

When Michael was in charge of the Emerson Group, Leonardo treated him like dirt, let alone now.

Leonardo seemed to have heard a funny joke. He put his fingers to his forehead and laughed for a while before saying, "I have to remind you that the Emerson Group is in my hands now.copy right hot novel pub