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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 505 Telepathy

"He is OK. He used to get along well with children when he was young. He was the head of the kids in our neighborhood." Jessica seemed to recall about her childhood, and she smiled nostalgically.

Jessica patted her shoulder and said, "It will be fine. We'll just stay at the party for only an hour or two."

"Is Carl not going to the party?" Summer asked.

Jessica sneered, "He lives a luxury and dissipation life every day. There are all kinds of parties every day. What's the big deal if he doesn't attend this one today?"

However, Summer thought of something else.

The fact that Leonardo was the boss behind Tip Top Media had never been exposed, and few people knew the friendship between Leonardo and Carl, except the people around them.

With that thought, it was reasonable for Carl not to attend Leonardo's dinner party.

When Summer regained her senses, Jessica was calling Carl.

Even Summer couldn't hear what Carl said, she could imagine Carl had probably agreed to it. Although Carl was somewhat a hooligan, his feelings towards Jessica were obvious.

He would do whatever Jessica said and never refused her.

That was the way how Carl got along with Jessica. He showed his feelings so straightforwardly.

Although Jessica seemed to have something on her mind and had never accepted Carl, Carl seemed to plan to keep pestering Jessica until she accepted him.

If Jessica kept refusing Carl, Summer suspected that Carl could keep pestering Jessica for a lifetime. It was neither a bad thing nor a good thing for them.

After Summer and Jessica picked out their dresses and put on their makeup, Carl came over.

Rosie happened to wake up then. Rosie was groggy. She curiously touched Summer's hair. Summer coaxed Rosie into changing clothes and carried her out.

The only way that Carl comforted a child was using candies. And Rosie loved candies.

Rosie happily took the candy, and Carl clapped his hands and asked, "May I hug you, Rosie?"

Rosie was successfully bribed by Carl, so she stretched out her small arms and leaned towards Carl.

Carl narrowed his eyes as he put on a bright smile. He kept calling Rosie darling, as if Rosie was his daughter.

Rosie frowned and said, "Called me Rosie."

Carl was amused, "Why does it feel like your personality is a bit similar to Leonardo...?" Carl burst into laughter.

Carl hugged Rosie and laughed. They got along well.copy right hot novel pub