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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 503 Unpleasant to Look at the Smile

Rosie showed great curiosity towards what Summer said. She asked, "Did he eat the cigarettes?"

She knew what cigarettes were, but she was surprised that they could make one full.

Summer smiled and said, "That's your dad's unique skill. Anyway, he is full."

Rosie nodded in confusion.

When Summer and Rosie returned from dinner, the house was exceptionally quiet.

Summer turned on the light and looked around. Finally, she looked at Leonardo's door.

Without pushing the door open, she knew Leonardo was not here anymore, because there was no Leonardo's aura anywhere. She could not tell what kind of feeling it was. In any case, she could feel that Leonardo was here or not as soon as she entered the house. When she entered, she paid special attention to the doorway.

The ashes and cigarette butts were gone. Summer was surprised that Leonardo would clean up the door way. She imagined Leonardo stooping down to sweep the floor with a broom.

She had never seen Leonardo sweep the floor, so she could only imagine it.

However, after entering the house, Rosie ran to the door of Leonardo's room as she shouted, "Daddy?"

She patted the door a few times, but no one answered her. She then turned her head to look at Summer doubtfully. "Mom, Dad doesn't open the door."

She thought Leonardo was still in the room. "Probably he fell asleep." Summer walked over and took Rosie to the bathroom. "You should go to bed early, too."

It was getting late. Rosie looked a little sleepy when she was having dinner.

When Summer was bathing Rosie, Rosie dozed off like a chicken pecking rice.

After putting Rosie down, Summer closed the door and came out. She took out her phone and fought out Leonardo's phone number. She hesitated for a while, and in the end, she did not dial the number.

It was clearly Leonardo's fault, why should she back down first? Even if she reconciled with Leonardo, the problem between them still hadn't been resolved yet. Summer wondered what Leonardo was thinking....

Early in the morning, Tim received a phone call from Leonardo. He was instructed to go to the villa to get some daily necessities and two sets of clothes to the office for Leonardo.

After answering the phone, Tim felt a little puzzled.

'Mr. Emerson lives with Mrs. Emerson in her house? Why did he suddenly ask me to take his clothes to the company.'

'Did they quarrel?'

When he arrived at the company, he knew he guessed right.copy right hot novel pub