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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 50 His Time Is Precious

However, Lynn realized that he was wrong after Summer’s lawyer looked through the contract.

Her lawyer wasn’t a good-for-nothing, who actually was professional and cautious.

The lawyer was called Warren Smith, who looked reliable and cautious.

Warren had noticed Lynn’s contempt for him, but he remained calm.

After Lynn’s lawyer took out the share-transferring contract, Warren looked through it and pointed out several loopholes.

Lynn was a stranger to contract, but he saw his lawyer turning pale. Then he knew that Summer’s lawyer was very capable.

He said, “Summer, my lawyer has been busy with the company’s affairs recently, so it’s normal that the contract has loopholes.”

Warren sneered, “Really? Even a freshly graduated intern can find such loopholes, let alone your legal advisor, who has more than three years’ working experience.”

Summer was surprised. How could Warren tell that Lynn’s lawyer had worked for at least three years?

Were all lawyers so sensitive?

She didn’t express her surprise and said gently, “Dad, you should change your lawyer.”

Lynn scolded his lawyer, “What’s wrong with you? You couldn’t even draw up a contract. I’m so disappointed in you!”

His lawyer apologized, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lynn. I may have taken the wrong contract.”

As he spoke, he took out a new contract from his briefcase.

Lynn was a shrewd businessman. He had prepared in advance.

He prepared two contracts. One had loopholes, while the other was a normal contract.

Warren took the new contract and nodded to Summer, “This contract is okay.”

After confirming the contract, Summer ordered two sets of afternoon tea and took them away.

Of course, Lynn paid for it.

After leaving the Club, Summer gave one set of afternoon tea to Warren and smiled, “Warren, thank you for your help.”

“You’re welcome.”

Although he usually wouldn’t accept such a small case, he worked for Leonardo and was Leonardo’s friend. Therefore, he didn’t refuse.

Another reason was that he also wanted to see how ugly Ms. Summer was.copy right hot novel pub