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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 499 You Can Go with Me

Summer held Leonardo's hand. Leonardo turned to look at her. He looked cold but sounded gentle, "What's wrong?"

Leonardo was indeed different now and was somewhat like who he had been three years ago.

Even if he was in a bad mood, he would restrain his emotions when facing Summer.

Summer asked him, "What are you going to do?"

Leonardo cooperated with her footsteps and slowed down. He smiled, "Nothing. He has stayed in the old mansion for three years. I'm going to take him out to meet people."

Summer understood that Leonardo was going to punish Michael.

The more Michael didn't want to do something, the more Leonardo wanted to force him to do it.

Leonardo had a strong executive ability.

On the second day after meeting Michael, Leonardo had people spread the news that he was going to hold a dinner party.

The venue for the dinner party was in a seven-star hotel, where Michael used to go frequently.

And the banquet he had asked Summer to attend happened to be in this hotel.

Tim asked with a worried expression, "Mr. Emerson, why do you suddenly want to hold a dinner party?"

Tim remembered that last time when Leonardo had prepared a banquet, Leonardo had left to look for Summer before the party even begun.

Tim, however, had to stay behind to deal with the guests. He had been busy during that period as he had had to take care of the banquet as well as the company's affairs. He had been unwilling to recall the memory of those days.

Now that Leonardo had decided to hold a dinner again, Tim wanted to make sure first. But Leonardo just squinted at Tim.

Tim knew that he shouldn't have asked this question, so he said as his expression changed, "I just..."

Leonardo sneered and interrupted him, "Michael has stayed in the old mansion for three years. As his only son, I will host a banquet for him. What do you think?"

Leonardo emphasized the word "only". He said it slowly to make it sound even more sinister.

Tim shivered, "I think it's... not bad."

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