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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 496 Me and Rosie?

From what Michael had done in the past, it was obvious that both Violet and Adams were important to him.

Moreover, it was precisely because Leonardo's mother knew about Violet and Michael that they kidnapped her.

Summer had almost forgotten about Michael.

However, when she talked to Leonardo about this man, when she recalled all the things that had happened, she felt a chill running down her spine.

"When do you plan to go back to visit..." Summer paused for a moment. She really did not know how to address Michael in front of Leonardo.

Leonardo said indifferently, "Tomorrow."

As he spoke, he landed his gaze firmly on Summer, as if he had something to tell her.

Summer lowered her eyes slightly and did not look at him.

After a while, Leonardo spoke in a low voice, "You and Rosie should go with me."

Summer looked up at him surprisingly, "Me and Rosie?"

"Yes." Leonardo smiled slightly, indicating that he was quite joyful.

Michael had spent his entire life scheming, but in the end, he still had nothing.

Yet he had everything.

Summer did not immediately agree to Leonardo's request. She looked at him calmly, "Why?"

Leonardo asked her, "You don't want to go?"

His gaze was extremely focused and earnest. Summer could not say anything to refuse him, so she nodded in the end.

The next morning, when Summer woke up and came out, she found Leonardo sitting at the desk in the hall.

He was wearing his pajamas, and a cup of hot coffee was placed beside him.

Summer looked at the cup of coffee and then turned to look at the refrigerator.

She walked over and asked Leonardo, "Did you make coffee yourself?"

"Yes." Leonardo raised his head, his eyes filled with warmth. He said, "I got it from the fridge. I'll buy you a new one next time."

Summer hesitated and said, "That's instant coffee..."

Leonardo turned up the corners of his lips. It seemed that he found her words amusing, and his voice carried a trace of a smile as he replied, "It's written on the package."

After he finished speaking, he picked up his coffee cup and took a sip, as if he did not dislike it at all.copy right hot novel pub