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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 494 Is that Interesting?

Summer and Jessica went home separately. Then Summer took Rosie to the parking lot.

Jessica's words hit the nail on the head and distracted Summer a little.

Just as Summer carried Rosie into the car and buckled her seat belt, she heard the sound of high heels behind her.

Summer didn't care too much about it. There were many people here.

When she closed the car door and turned around, she saw Vicky holding her bag and crossing her arms, standing a meter away from Summer, looking at her.

It was late autumn, Summer had already put on a thin sweater, while Vicky only wore a thin top and an extremely short leather skirt, completed with black sheer stockings and high heels.

Vicky raised her chin slightly. Her lipstick was bright. She lazily said, "What a coincidence."

Summer looked at her with no emotion, "Is that so? I don't think it's a coincidence at all."

The place she met with Jessica was only a small shopping mall. Vicky loved to show off so much that she would not come to such a small place.

Vicky followed her. That's the reason.

As for when Vicky began to do this, Summer was not sure.

"I've underestimated you before. When you were a child, you pretended to be stupid to please your mother, right? Unfortunately, no matter what you do, your mother still cares about me the most. You hate me all the time, don't you?"

As Vicky spoke, she slowly took a step forward and said with ferocious eyes, "That's why you've always been against me since you grew up! You killed my Adams!"

Every time Vicky met Summer, she would talk about Adams and would become mad.

Summer was not afraid. She said calmly, "Since you asked, then I'll tell you. If I have someone to hate, the person should be your stepmother. Only love can create hate."

Hearing her words, Vicky sneered, "Don't be so duplicitous. You clearly hate me, but you deliberately act kindly. What I hate the most is your fake face!"

It was useless to talk to someone like Vicky, so Summer gave up on communicating with her.

Summer turned around and was about to left, but Vicky strode forward and grabbed Summer.

"Vicky, don't you have any business to do? You don't go to work all day and follow me as soon as I leave my house. Is that interesting?" Summer said impatiently.

Vicky clenched her arm tightly and revealed a strange smile, "Of course it's interesting.copy right hot novel pub