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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 49 My Wife Makes It for Me

Lynn was worried that she would go back on her word and said, “I can give you the shares at any time. I’m free today.”

Summer said, “But I’m not free today. Let’s meet tomorrow.”

She was obedient when she was in the Jarrett’s, and all her family were used to that.

Hearing her words, Lynn became impatient, “You don’t have a job now. What are you busy with?”

“Dad, do you mean that I’m lying? I’m busy now. I’ll text you the place to meet later.”

After hanging up the phone, she pondered for a moment and texted Lynn.

Lynn received the text and frowned when he saw the address.

He thought that Summer was like a yokel, but she actually decided to meet in the Golden Cauldron Club this time.

He felt bad because the club was expensive.

Summer had taken dinner with “Douglas” in the club, and she chose this place just because it was expensive.

Furthermore, the club was an upmarket club, so Lynn wouldn’t dare to play tricks.

Right now, what she needed most was a lawyer.

But she had no money to hire one.

These days, Carl often called Leonardo late at night to complain about his miserable life in the company.

There were indeed many things going on in the company, so Leonardo went to the company.

After holding two meetings and planning the projects, he went back home.

When he arrived at the villa, it was lunchtime. As soon as he walked in, he smelled the aroma of the food coming from the kitchen.

She was cooking?

Leonardo handed his suit to the bodyguard and strode towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Summer, who was in her apron, was standing on tiptoe to press the button of the range hood.

The range hood was a little high that she couldn’t reach it. Leonardo walked over and helped her press the button.

She turned around with no make-up on her face. She held a spatula in her right hand and looked tender.copy right hot novel pub