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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 486 Why Do I Have to Tell You?

No matter how reticent a person was, when his personality and behavior changed, the people close to him could easily notice it.

Moreover, Leonardo had obviously changed.

But Summer asked no questions, as she was thinking about something else.

It was about Stanley.

It had already been dragging on for a long time. If it continued, she was afraid there would be more trouble. So, she'd better sort it out early.

After breakfast, Summer said casually, "Are you and Rosie leaving now? I'm going out for something."

Leonardo looked up at her with a calm expression, "Where are you going?"

"Go to ask Stanley." Summer did not hide from Leonardo.

After a moment of silence, Leonardo suddenly said, "I'm going with you."

"What do you want?" Summer frowned slightly. She did not think Leonardo just wanted to be with her.

"See the doctor," said Leonardo, his face expressionless.

The car stopped at the entrance of Stanley’s psychological clinic.

Leonardo sat in the driver's seat while Summer sat in the passenger seat.

She looked out of the window. The clinic just opened and the cleaners were sweeping the floor.

They were here for something important, so they didn't bring Rosie with them. Leonardo asked someone to take Rosie back to the villa.

Summer opened the door and got off. Then she turned to look at Leonardo and said, "I'll call Stanley."

Just as he was about to speak, Leonardo's eyes suddenly flashed. He looked ahead and said, "No need to call."

Following his gaze, Summer saw Stanley slowly driving over.

"What a coincidence! You come together?"

Stanley got out of the car. He was wearing a dazzling white suit.

After he finished speaking, Stanley turned to look at Summer and said, "Why don't you call me in advance? If I am seeing a patient, you will have a wasted journey."

Summer smiled, "I was just about to call you but you come, and you have no patients now."

Stanley smiled as his gaze fell on the car behind them.

He knew Summer had also bought a car. But the car behind was a Bentley.

It must be Leonardo's.

So, Leonardo and Summer came together, instead of meeting each other here.

Stanley withdrew his gaze and smiled, "Please follow me.copy right hot novel pub