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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 485 Summer's Guess

Leonardo sat down and was shocked at Summer staring at him. However, he didn't say anything and lowered his head to eat.

Summer fixed her eyes on him silently for a long time before eating.

She had been observing Leonardo during dinner.

Leonardo didn't seem to notice it. He remained calm and ate without looking up at her.

He didn't say a word until he finished dinner.

He stood up and said calmly, "I'm heading home now, and I'll come to pick Rosie up tomorrow."

Summer was shocked for a moment before nodding and saying, "Alright."

Leonardo then turned to look at Rosie, "Rosie, I'm leaving."

Rosie was eating the last drumstick. Upon hearing him, she said without looking up, "Goodbye!"

Leonardo raised his eyebrows slightly and left.

After he left, Summer sat at the dining table and pondered. She didn't move until Rosie came over and tugged at her sleeve, "Mom, can I watch cartoon now?"

Rosie was able to articulate her words.

All of a sudden, Summer thought of the scene when she first met Rosie. Back then, although Rosie could speak clearly, she didn't talk much.

As long as there were adults around and chatting with them, children could learn to talk quickly.

"Sure." Summer stood up and led her to the sofa and sat down.

She turned on the TV for Rosie and said, "I'll go to clean the dishes. You can watch TV until I'm done. Then, you have to take a bath and go to sleep."

"Yes." Rosie had been preoccupied with the cartoon, fixing her eyes on the TV screen.

Summer stroked her head and went to the kitchen.

By the time she finished tidying up the kitchen and came out, Rosie had fallen asleep on the sofa.

It was natural as she normally went to bed at this time.

Summer carried Rosie into the bedroom, helped her take off her clothes and cleaned her face. Then, she put Rosie on the bed.

The next day.

After getting up, Summer cooked porridge and steamed sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes were brought back from the Uncle Arthur’s. They were small and waxy, and it would be a good choice to eat in the morning.

After putting sweet potatoes in the pot, Summer went downstairs to buy steamed buns.copy right hot novel pub