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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 481 Ugly Leonoodle

Summer thought for a moment and agreed with Tim.

It was indeed hard to figure out what Leonardo was thinking. Hence, Summer was very surprised that Leonardo was willing to live in the countryside for these past few days.

There was something she didn't know about him.

Leonardo said something to Arthur, then Arthur patted Leonardo and said something. However, Summer only saw his mouth moving without knowing what they were talking about.

Suddenly, Leonardo waved at her.

Summer hurried over.

As she approached, Arthur smiled and looked at her, "Since you like my pickles, I'll pack a box of pickles for you. It should still be edible when you get home."

It was late autumn now, while food was less perishable in this weather.

Summer was touched, "That's so nice of you. Don't bother. I'll go get it myself."

She had been cooking dinner all these days, except for the first day when she had a fever. Therefore, she knew where Arthur kept those pickles.

"Alright, then you go get the pickles, and I'll go dig some sweet potatoes for you. It's pesticide-free, not like those sold in the city...."

Arthur wanted to get the hoe as he finished speaking.

Summer stopped him, "No need...."

The weather just cleared up, so the ground was still wet and slippery, especially in the cropland.

"It's just a few sweet potatoes, nothing precious here...." Arthur ignored Summer's persuasion and went to the field with a hoe.

Seeing this, Summer gave up and went into the house to get some pickles.

There was a large pottery jar with a lot of pickles inside, which smelled delicious.

Summer packed a box of pickles and came out, and Arthur had already returned.

He had been farming in the countryside all his life. Although he was getting old, he was still healthy and nimble.

Arthur washed the fresh sweet potatoes and packed them up.copy right hot novel pub