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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 477 Couldn't Bear to Put Me Through?

Summer opened her eyes and met Leonardo's significant gaze.

She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes as she sat up from the bed.


Since Leonardo was leaning over as he watched Summer, she hit him on the forehead when she got up.

Summer touched her forehead silently. It was a little painful, but she soon got over it.

Leonardo covered his forehead with his hand and stared at Summer intensely.

Summer slid off the bed slowly and said calmly, "Sorry, I bumped into you accidentally."

Although she felt a little pain, Leonardo seemed to be in great pain.


Leonardo didn't buy it.

Because of the poor condition, neither of them took off their clothes while sleeping. Summer put on her coat and went downstairs.

Arthur, who had taken them in, had got up already and was making a fire in the kitchen.

Summer greeted him, "Good morning, Arthur."

Arthur looked up from the smoke and watched Summer with narrowed eyes, "You're up so early. Don't want to get more sleep?"

"I wake up and get up. Don't you get up early, too?" Summer rolled up her sleeves and said, "Are you making breakfast? Let me help you. What should I do?"

Arthur shook his head, "No need."

Summer looked like a delicately nurtured girl and didn't seem to be able to handle such a chore.

"So you make the fire and I can help you with the breakfast." Summer tugged the hair beside her ear and suggested with a smile.

Arthur gave in. He sat in front of the stove to make a fire and told her what to do.

In the countryside, people ate what they had. They eat vegetables in season. If there were noodles, they ate noodles; if there was rice, they would have rice.

Arthur asked Summer to fry three eggs and prepare the water for the noodles.

Before the water boiled, he stood up and took his raincoat to walk out.

Summer asked, "What are you going to do?"

"There are vegetables in the field. I'll go pick some for the meal." With that, he was about to leave.

Summer looked outside. It was raining heavily, and the ground was muddy. He could slip over easily.copy right hot novel pub