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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 475 A Sign of Weakness

Leonardo was clearly enraged by Summer's tone. Although the candlelight was a little dim, from such a short distance, Summer could still clearly see the sudden change of Leonardo's expression.

They exchanged glances for a while.

Leonardo took a step back and said first, "Because of Rosie."

"Rosie is little and gullible. You can find her a gentle, kind and beautiful stepmother. Anyway, you don't like me. Why don't you just let me die here alone, so that I won't come back and fight for Rosie's custody." Summer smiled.

Leonardo did not reply immediately, and the room fell into silence again.

Thinking of what she had just said to irritate him, Summer felt nervous.

Leonardo suddenly blew out the candle. She could not see Leonardo's face in the darkness, but she could feel his vexation and the tension in the air.

The next second, his voice rang out from the darkness, "Summer, I'll give you a chance to reorganize your language."

Summer clenched her fists, pursed her lips and said, "... I'm hungry."

She changed the topic. It was a sign of weakness.

Leonardo didn't say anything else. He turned around and walked outside.

Summer hurriedly followed him.

She wondered if Leonardo had night vision as he walked fast in the darkness. She could only stumble behind him.

She almost missed a step when they went downstairs.

She couldn't help but scream.

Just as she cried out in alarm, she felt an arm stretch towards her and wrap around her waist.

Summer hurriedly grabbed Leonardo's hand and held it tightly.

Leonardo did not shake her grip off and just took her downstairs like that.

There was an old wooden table in the room downstairs. On the table, there was a burning candle and several dishes. A cat was squatting at the foot of the table. The old man was placing a piece of meat in front of the cat. He smiled warmly as he watched the cat eating the meat.

When the old man saw Leonardo bringing Summer down, the smile on his face became even warmer. "You guys are here. Hurry up and come to eat."

After Summer and Leonardo sat down, the old man asked her with concern, "Is the fever gone?"

Summer smiled and said softly, "I feel much better now. Thank you for taking us in. What can I call you, sir?"

"That's good. Just call me Arthur.copy right hot novel pub