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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 470 Summer was There

When Leonardo was at Summer's house that day, he told her that she should be back in five days.

What did she say on the phone?

It would take more than ten days.

She completely forgot his words.

Tim did not know the details. Hearing Leonardo's words, he did not quite understand what was going on. So, Tim did not dare to say anything.

After a while, Leonardo took a deep breath and said, "Put the word out. Tonight, there will be a party at the Golden Cauldron Club."

"Yes," Tim replied.

Leonardo never held a party himself. With his status, celebrities from all occupations would come to attend his party if there was one.

Tim could imagine how lively the party would be.

However, Mr. Emerson wanted to have a party tonight?

Tim raised his wrist and looked at the time.

It was six o'clock, and it was the rush hour at the Golden Cauldron Club. However, the club had private rooms specially reserved for Leonardo if he wanted to have dinner or check in.

But it was not very easy to get the hall for a party.

After all, Leonardo had never participated in any activities; let alone hosting his own party. Therefore, the club would not prepare a banquet hall for him.

Although the Golden Cauldron Club was founded by Leonardo, Carl was the one who managed and run it.

Thinking about it, Tim found it wouldn't be that easy to hold a party tonight.

Just as he was thinking what to say, Leonardo said, "Change it to tomorrow night."

Tim got relieved. "Alright, I will have someone to arrange it."

Leonardo leaned back in his chair and got absentminded.

Throughout the day, whenever he thought that Summer left Hoover for a city far away and got out of his territory, he felt uncomfortable and picky.

However, Leonardo didn't feel it when Summer stayed with him.

Was it because he was used to it?

Leonardo rubbed his forehead.

He had told Summer to come back in five days, but she just forgot his words.

When they returned home at night, Tim knew Summer was not at home, so he drove towards Leonardo's house.

Although Summer's house was on the same street, they should turn to a narrow road halfway to get there.

Leonardo used to have dinner at Summer's place, so Tim was very familiar with the way.

As he drove past the intersection, Leonardo said in the back seat, "Get in through the intersection."

Tim raised his head in surprise and saw Leonardo frowning in the rearview mirror.

Tim asked, "Mrs. Emerson is not at home.copy right hot novel pub