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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 47 It’s Only Natural for Men to Pay

Summer left the villa and ran far away before stopping.

She must stay away from Douglas, for he was too dangerous.

Just as this thought occurred to her, a car stopped beside her. She turned her head instinctively and saw Leonardo lowering the window.

Their gazes met. Summer was shocked for a moment before quickly moving her eyes away, and she quickened her pace.

Leonardo drove slowly and closely followed her. He kept his car alongside her and said in a low voice with a commanding tone, “Get in the car.”

“No need,” Summer turned around and said before continuing walking.

Leonardo understood that Summer was keeping her distance from him.

As Summer walked, she felt he stopped following her. She paused for a moment, but couldn’t help but look back.

She saw Leonardo get off the car and walk towards her with a cold and threatening look.

He had long legs and walked to her in a few steps. Without saying anything, he picked her up horizontally and stuffed her into the car.

Summer was dumbfounded. This man was really...

She laughed angrily, “Douglas! Will you stop messing around?”

“Who’s messing around?” Leonardo glanced at her coldly before continuing to drive seriously.

“You! Of course!” Summer said.

Leonardo pretended he didn’t hear her and jumped to the next question, “Address?”

Summer did not answer him. Leonardo stretched out his long arm and took her phone from her jacket pocket, finding the message from Karen.

“You eavesdropped on me?” Otherwise, how could he know that she was going to see Karen?

Soon, they arrived at the restaurant that Karen had mentioned.

Before Summer got off the car, she saw Karen through the restaurant’s French window, who had been waiting there for a long time.

Karen was sitting by the window. She checked the time every now and then and looked outside. She was alone.

When Leonardo saw that Summer was only watching Karen instead of going to see her, he asked, “Are you planning on sitting here and watching her like this?”

Summer looked at him and did not say anything.

Let Karen experience what it was like to be hung out to dry.

Leonardo looked out of the window and found that there was also a restaurant on the opposite side.copy right hot novel pub