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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 467 It Must Be Leonardo

The phone vibrated for a while before it quieted down.

However, it did not remain quiet for long, and vibrated from time to time.

Summer thought the hashtag about her and Leonardo should be no longer hot today. She did not expect to receive so many messages.

Summer clicked on the message. But before she could open the interface, she saw that someone was cursing her.


"Home wrecker!"

Being scolded early in the morning, Summer was a little irritated even though she was a person of good temper.

She returned to the message notification page and clicked on the first notice. There was a new hot topic.

This hashtag was familiar. # Summer Home Wrecker #

Summer frowned, but still remembered that she was warming up the milk. She poured out the milk, and then sat at the dining table to continue reading Twitter.

Online rumors said about Leonardo's engagement with Amber, but without confirming whether Leonardo and Amber were engaged, they slandered Summer and regarded her as a home wrecker.

Nothing but rumors fabricated out of thin air!

For the sake of attracting attention, some reporters were fabricating the news without feeling ashamed.

Summer looked at the comments on the Twitter post. There were people expressing their opinion and some people watching.

Fortunately, most netizens were still rational.

Summer casually read some comments and put her phone aside.

The three of them were finally able to enjoy their breakfast together. Summer decided not to mention this matter until after breakfast.

Summer stood up and went to wake Leonardo and Rosie up.

She walked toward Leonardo's room. Before she knocked the door, Leonardo opened it from inside.

Summer’s hand stopped in the air for a few seconds, and then she gently waved her hand, "Good morning."

Leonardo expressionlessly said, "Good morning."

Then, he turned around and walked past Summer to the bathroom.

Summer went to check on Rosie.

She helped Rosie change her clothes, wash her face and brush her teeth.

She and Rosie sat at the dining table for a while before Leonardo came out.

He looked miserable. After leaving the bathroom, he only gave Summer a faint glance, "I'm leaving.copy right hot novel pub