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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 466 A Thirty-year-old Man

Leonardo refused decisively. So, Summer didn't say anything else.

Summer sent Leonardo and Rosie downstairs to take a car. After she walked out of the building and stepped on the ground, the water drowned her ankles.

Summer came out in slippers. The water overflowed and instantly submerged her slippers.

She retracted her feet and turned to look at Leonardo. "It's too heavy. It's not safe for you guys to go back."

Rosie stood in the building and exclaimed, "What a heavy rain!"

Leonardo looked out and saw that the rain was still heavy. He frowned slightly and did not say anything.

Since he didn't say anything, Summer took it as his consent.

"The rain is too heavy. It is not safe to leave now." After Summer finished speaking, she patted Rosie's head, "Rosie, let's go upstairs."

With that, she pushed Rosie towards Leonardo.

Rosie held Leonardo's hand and said, "Dad, let's go upstairs."

Leonardo looked down at Rosie, and then at Summer. Finally, he walked towards the elevator, deciding to stay overnight.

Back in the room, Summer took the blanket and made the bed.

The apartment she rented was big enough. She and Rosie each had a bedroom and there was still a guest room.

However, she had moved here for a short time and no one had stayed overnight here. So, she had not made the bed in the guest room yet.

Summer knew Leonardo's nature. So, she didn't dare to be careless. She wiped the mattress with a towel before she made the bed.

Before she finished, Leonardo walked over and said, "Rosie wants you to bathe her."

Summer was putting on a duvet cover and said without looking up, "Ask her to wait for a moment. I'll be with her in a minute."

The blanket for a queen size bed was a little big. Summer grabbed the corner of the duvet cover. While she was stuffing the blanket in, she accidentally let go and made a mess.

She searched for a long time before she found the corner again.

Suddenly, Leonardo took two steps in her direction and stretched out his hand to hold the corner of the other end of the quilt up.

Summer stared blankly at him, "You..copy right hot novel pub