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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 463 Don't Follow Me

Summer narrowed her eyes and pondered for a moment before she thought of that Vicky wanted to run over her three years ago.

Vicky tried to run over Summer but failed. Leonardo was very angry and had Vicky taken away. He tortured Vicky with cruel methods.

He did not kill Vicky, but made her life a living hell.

Summer still felt sick when she recalled the scene back then, let alone Vicky.

Judging from Vicky's reaction, Vicky was afraid of Leonardo.

To be more precise, she was scared of him.

Vicky clenched her handbag tightly, and her fingers were slightly white.

Her eyes were filled with fear.

Therefore, she looked at Leonardo for a few seconds and then looked away. She moved her legs. She seemed to want to stand up and leave, but for some unknown reason, she stopped moving.

Summer shifted her attention to Leonardo. Then she stood up, asking him, "Why are you here?"

Leonardo briefly said, "Just stop by."

Leonardo had never cared about Tip Top Media Company, nor did he participate in entertainment activities.

It was strange for him to stop by.

Summer wouldn't speak what she was thinking.

"Then..." She thought for a moment and was about to speak when Leonardo interrupted her, "I need to talk to you."

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left regardless of Summer's reaction.

Summer stood there, not understanding why Leonardo suddenly came looking for her.

Even if he needed to talk to her, he should call her right away when she sent him a message.

However, he came over but left after speaking a few words.

He was inexplicable.

As soon as Leonardo left, Vicky returned to her natural state.

She looked in the direction where Leonardo left, and then turned to look at Summer.

"Are you still with Leonardo?" Vicky asked gloomily.

"What does it have to do with you?" Summer sneered and was about to leave.

She had only taken a step forward when Vicky stopped her.

Vicky's fingers were so thin that they were all skins and bones. Summer felt a little painful from being grabbed by Vicky.copy right hot novel pub