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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 460 Shut Up

Summer looked at Leonardo while eating.

Although Leonardo did not look at her, he could feel her gaze.

He suddenly said, "If you have something to say, just say it."

"Do you feel accustomed to living together with Rosie?" asked Summer, when she put down her chopsticks.

Instead of answering the question, Leonardo asked, "If I say no, will you bring her back?"

Summer hesitated for a moment and continued asking, "Are you really not used to it?"

Leonardo answered seriously this time, "Compared to you, it's easier for me."

His words always gave people the feeling that he was hiding half of what he wanted to say.

Fortunately, Summer was used to the way he spoke.

Was he indicating ... that it was easier for him to get along with Rosie?

Summer asked, "Is it difficult to get along with me?"

In the past, she had also thought about what kind of father Leonardo would be after they had a child.

In her view, someone with a cold personality like Leonardo would never get along well with children.

It turned out that he really didn't know how to get along with children, but it didn't stop Rosie from liking him and getting close to him.

"You say you want to remarry me, but then you throw yourself to your first love. It's troublesome."

When Leonardo said this, he did not even raise his head. These words came out from his mouth naturally, as if he had been brewing them in his heart for a long time.

Summer could tell that he hadn't finished his sentence, so she was quietly waiting for him to continue.

"Rosie is different from you. When I give her candies and allow her to watch cartoons, she will be very obedient."

After that, Leonardo looked up at Summer. He frowned, and his eyes unconcealed his dislike for her.

Summer opened her mouth and explained patiently, "I knew Jerome very early. I did like him, but...."

Before she could finish her sentence, Leonardo sneered, "You admit it?"

"Can you hear me out?" Summer thought in her heart,

When would he change his habit of interrupting others at any time?

Leonardo curled his lips and said coldly, "If I heard you out, I would never finish this meal."

Summer was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Leonardo said with a serious expression, "You didn't ask me to come over for dinner. Instead, you are angering me on purpose by talking about your first love.copy right hot novel pub