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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 46 He Was Actually a Little Jealous of “Himself”

Summer did not respond immediately. Karen quickly explained, “Summer, I was too busy and didn’t even have time to eat with you alone. Don’t blame Mom.”

If it had been in the past, Summer would have been thrilled to accept Karen’s invitation.

How careless of her to use being busy as an excuse!

Karen was a full-time rich lady, and she had so many servants. So, what could she be busy about?

Summer remembered very clearly that once she bought a movie ticket and asked Karen to watch the movie with her. Karen promised to go.

However, up until the movie ended, Karen never showed up.

Only after returning home did Summer find out that Karen was busy picking up Vicky because Vicky got drunk outside, so Karen naturally stood her up. She didn’t even bother to call Summer and kept her waiting until the movie ended.

Summer opened her mouth and said with a faint smile, “Alright, send me the address.”

She hung up the phone and looked up. Jessica was looking at her with disappointment.

Summer was surprised, “What’s wrong?”

Jessica said angrily, “Your mother invited you to dinner again? Are you really going?”

“Yes.” Summer pulled Jessica to sit down on the sofa. The second before Jessica snapped, Summer said slowly, “I have my plans. Have you brought the brick for me?”

Jessica replied, “It is in the car. Let me get it for you.”

Summer couldn’t open the door, and her things were all inside. She didn’t know how long it would take before rescue arrives, so she asked Jessica to bring her a brick. She planned to smash the door.

Jessica had been doing great at work these years. She had wanted to help Summer with the door, but her agent called her again.

Before leaving, she reluctantly said, “Summer, when you smash the door, remember to video chat with me.”

Summer didn’t reply. Did Jessica’s fans know how juvenile she was?

Summer walked to the door of her room with the brick in her hand, and smashed its handle, making a huge noise.

The noise attracted Leonardo. When he arrived at the scene, he was surprised by what he saw, but then he supported his forehead and let out a low laugh.

This woman was really ... unpredictable!

He walked closer and grabbed her wrist with great precision, saying in a deep voice, “Cousin is not at home. You can sleep in his room. If the door breaks, will you pay for it?”

Summer also felt that it was indeed not good to break something. She hesitated and said, “But my things are all in there.copy right hot novel pub