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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 456 Am I Dreaming?

Leonardo's face darkened as he picked Summer up and threw her into the car.

He wasn't gentle at all, and Summer felt a little painful from the fall.

She sat up slowly in pain with an attempt to lean against the back of the seat. However, without armrests on both sides that a chair would usually have, she could not help but slide sideways when reclining herself against the seat.

With her body slipping down, Summer placed her hands against the cushion and propped herself up.

With so many attempts in vain, she seemed to be tireless and looked a little stupid.

Leonardo had been watching her all the time.

Standing at the side of the door, Tim glanced at Summer, and then looked at Leonardo. With a sullen look, he seemed to be ready to pull her out and throw her away at any moment. Tim reminded him with a little cough, "Mr. Emerson, please get in the car."

Leonardo pursed his lips. Despite the disgust in his eyes, he got inside.

Summer was persistent in repeating what she did just now.

Leonardo sat in the car and leaned against the door, trying to keep a distance from her.

Tim sat in the front and drove the car, trying his best to drive smoothly for the sake of Summer. However, she swayed unsteadily and even hit the hard window of the car.


She must be in great pain.

Tim glanced worriedly through the rearview mirror. Leonardo sat still with a cold face, showing no care about Summer, who was swaying from side to side beside him.

Tim sighed.

Summer would become particularly impulsive and make trouble easily after getting drunk. Other than that, everything was acceptable and she wouldn't get sick easily.

However, even so, she couldn't resist shaking like this.

Suddenly, she sounded as if she was going to throw up.

Summer subconsciously covered her lips and retched.

Leonardo was slightly shocked. "Summer, what are you doing?"

"I'm gonna..." Summer heard his voice and leaned in his direction. Accidentally, she lost her balance and threw herself upon him.

Then, she added, "Throw up."

Leonardo reached out to catch her and froze for a moment before saying, "Stop!"

Tim quickly stopped the car.

Summer leaned in his arms, enjoyed the familiar smell in him, and let out a sigh with satisfaction. Afterwards, she rubbed against his chest with her face and closed her eyes.

Seeing this, Leonardo pushed her angrily. "Summer, get out of the car and throw up.copy right hot novel pub