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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 450 Do You Want to Try?


Summer was forcefully dragged out by Leonardo. After a few seconds, she came to herself and began to struggle.

Leonardo thought nothing of it, for Summer was so weak.

He grabbed Summer's hand, wanting to throw her out of the door.

Summer couldn't shake off Leonardo's hands, and she flew into a temper.

She said, "Leonardo, you are unreasonable. It's stupid of you to believe that kind of report. I don't blame you for forgetting me. But you treat me like this because of a faked report. I will really be angry if you do that!"

Summer did not know what she was talking about.

Anyway, she said whatever came to her mind.

The sofa was close to the door. Summer did not know if Leonardo had listened to her carefully or not.

Leonardo pulled Summer out of the door and was about to shake off her hand.

He tried, but he did not make it.

He frowned and looked down at Summer impatiently. "Summer, how disgraceful you are!"

Summer glared at him, feeling somewhat aggrieved. She gritted her teeth and said, "I don't care!"

As soon as she finished, she hooked Leonardo's neck with her spare hand and forced Leonardo to bend down.

Leonardo was not on guard, so Summer made it. Leonardo's head was just low enough for Summer to kiss him.

Summer tilted her head and kissed him.

It didn't take much effort.

In the past, when she was with Leonardo, Leonardo always took the initiative to get close to her.

Summer learned the experience from Leonardo, who guided her.

She seldom kissed him on her own initiative.

Summer was inexperienced. After touching Leonardo's lips, she randomly pecked him twice and bit him angrily.

She still held Leonardo tightly, so she could clearly feel that Leonardo stiffened.

In the next moment, he gained the initiative and kissed Summer violently.

In his arms, Summer leaned against his broad chest. They could feel each other's breathing...copy right hot novel pub