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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 45 To Lure Her over

Summer looked up at Douglas in surprise, “You bought it?”

“Nice try. Cousin bought it for you.” Leonardo glanced at her and began to eat.

Summer didn’t say anything. He made it sound like she really wanted something from him.

Since Leonardo had bought it, she would accept it.

Summer noticed that there was an SIM card next to her phone. It was the number she had used.

She put it in and called Jessica.

After only one beep, the call was answered.

Jessica sounded extremely worried, “Summer, are you alright? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Are you back with the cast now?” Jessica had mentioned about going back today.

“With what have happened to you? No way! I’m going out now. Let’s meet.” The rustling sound of packing could be heard from Jessica’s side.

Summer also wanted to talk to Jessica about last night, so she quickly agreed, “Okay. I’m eating. I’ll go out in a minute...”

“No need. I’m coming for you,” Jessica interrupted her and hung up the phone.

Summer put down her phone and looked up. The man was eating slowly.

He always acted arrogantly and naughtily around her, but in fact, he was calm and cautious.

“What happened last night...” Summer paused for a moment before saying, “Thank you.”

“For what?” Leonardo looked up at her, his pitch-black eyes flickering with an imperceptible smile, “Thank me for pushing you away at the critical moment?”

Summer understood what he was saying, and blushed, “Can you speak properly?”

As for the last bit of gratitude she had had for him, it disappeared without a trace.

Leonardo finished his porridge. As he took the towel to wipe his hands, he said, “You thanked me too casually. You don’t have any sincerity.”

Summer thought for a while and felt that he was right.copy right hot novel pub