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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 448 Don't Even Think About Taking Her Back

Vicky wanted to kill Summer.

Vicky couldn't do anything to Summer now. But if Vicky found out about Rosie's existence, Summer couldn't imagine what Vicky would do to Rosie.

Therefore, that Rosie stayed with Leonardo was the best choice.

Summer took a deep breath. Leaning against the wall, she took out her phone to call Leonardo.

After a long time, it was connected.

Leonardo answered the phone and did not speak immediately.

Summer called out his name. "Leonardo?"

Leonardo returned coldly, "Speak."

His voice sounded extremely cold, and Summer could sense some dissatisfaction in his voice.

Summer thought for a moment and guessed that Leonardo might be unhappy because she sent Rosie to his house.

Summer said sincerely, "Sorry, I sent Rosie to your house without telling you in advance."

"Don't even think about taking her back." Leonardo's deep voice sounded even more charming on the phone, revealing no emotions.

Recently, Summer had gotten used to this kind of Leonardo.

She replied, "Alright."

Leonardo did not immediately respond to her.

After a few seconds of silence, Leonardo hung up.

Summer looked at her phone with a bitter smile.

Sometimes, Leonardo was cold, and she didn't know what to do.

Summer put away her phone and walked out in a bad mood.

This kind of activity was a bit boring, so she planned to say goodbye to Eliza and went home.

A tall figure walked over from the front.


Hearing this, Summer looked over and got shocked. After a few seconds, she finally called out his name accurately.


The one was none other than Jerome.

Summer's memories of Jerome were just a blur.

All she could remember was the teenage Jerome.

Therefore, Summer was a little unfamiliar with Jerome.

Jerome wore a dark blue suit, which was well cut, appearing elegant.

"There you are," he said excitedly.

Jerome walked up to Summer and extended his hand towards her. However, in the next moment, he seemed to recall something and quickly put his hand back down to his sides, looking somewhat uneasy.

"A few days ago, the media reported that you appeared. I didn't believe it. To my surprise, it is really you." After it, Jerome signed, "I'm so surprised to see you.copy right hot novel pub