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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 446 Be Attracted to Her Identity

Leonardo frowned and called out her name, "Summer."

Summer interrupted him and looked into his eyes. She said seriously, "Leonardo, I know you better than you think."

"You don't have any feelings for me or Rosie right now. You're trying to accept us. This is very good. There's no need to be too anxious. Take it easy."

Leonardo was trying his best to accept her and Rosie.

But apparently, the result didn't come up to expectations.

This might have something to do with Leonardo's experience.

His youth, because of his mother, was gray.

It wasn't easy to win his heart.

Leonardo liked to control everything in his hands.

However, his memory was confused, and it stayed in his early twenties.

At that time, he hadn't known Summer or Rosie.

Leonardo might be able to accept his identity as president of the Emerson Group and the truth of his mother's kidnapping, but Summer and Rosie were completely out of his control.

One of them was his wife and the other was his daughter. Both were very close to him.

To be more specific, Summer was just Leonardo's ex-wife.

When Leonardo was with them, he was at a loss, which Summer could sense.

Summer didn't know if Leonardo had heard what she said.

Staring at Summer for a while, he then said coldly, "Have it your own way."

After that, he left.

After Rosie woke up, Summer took her back.

When Rosie returned home, she was much better. Summer cooked some light food and lulled Rosie to sleep.

Probably because Rosie was sick, she was exceptionally clingy.

Summer comforted her for a while. When she was about to leave, Rosie grabbed her hand and didn't let her go. "Mom, don't go."

"Alright, I won't. I'll sleep with you tonight." Summer had to lean against the bed to placate her.

Rosie's eyes flashed with joy. "Alright."

Just as Rosie fell asleep, Summer's phone rang.

Summer hurriedly turned down the voice and walked out gently.

It was Eliza.copy right hot novel pub