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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 444 Set a Trap for Her

Summer checked the comments and found that most of them were urging her to write the second part of ‘Lost City’.

Some anti-fans were immediately reprimanded as soon as they posted malicious comments.

Summer turned off her phone and tidied up the tableware. She planned to call Leonardo later and ask him about Rosie's situation.

Just as she put away the cutlery, her phone rang.

A string of unfamiliar phone numbers flashed up on the screen.

Many strangers called her recently. Summer only took a glance and answered the phone. "Hello."

On the other end of the phone came a slightly familiar female voice. "Is that Summer?"

When Summer heard this voice, she paused for a moment and asked, "Eliza?"

"Is that really you?" Eliza couldn't conceal the surprise in her tone. "Recently you have been in a blaze of publicity. I think it is just a gimmick. To my surprise, it is you!"

Eliza was optimistic about Summer's script.

When Lost City finished, Eliza wanted to ask Summer to participate in the wrap-up banquet. But she couldn't find Summer at that time.

Summer didn't attend the banquet. Later, the viewing rate of ‘Lost City’ went up like a rocket. But Eliza couldn't contact Summer.

Summer had disappeared, and nothing was heard of her.

During these three years, Eliza had been paying attention to Summer's news. When she found that a new post was shared on Summer's Twitter, Eliza didn't believe Summer posted it herself.

That was why Eliza waited for a few days. After confirming that it was really Summer, she called Summer.

Summer felt a sense of kinship with Eliza. She smiled, "It's me. I've been back for a while."

"Then let's meet sometime," Eliza said.

"Sure. Anyway, I am not busy lately."

Eliza was a person of action. Hearing Summer's answer, she directly said, "If you're free, how about meeting me today?"

Summer agreed. "Okay."

Summer and Eliza had an appointment at a high-end restaurant.

This restaurant was run by someone from the entertainment industry. Many insiders frequently patronized it.copy right hot novel pub