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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 442 His Method of Revenge

Summer returned to the kitchen and peeked out at the father and daughter.

Seeing that Leonardo didn't move, Rosie pointed at the kitchen and urged him, "Daddy, hurry up."

Leonardo put on a stern face as he stood up expressionlessly and walked towards the kitchen.

Summer turned around and walked to the side of the worktop, pretending to be busy.

Very quickly, Leonardo walked in.

Summer pretended that she knew nothing. She asked with a puzzled expression, "What's wrong?"

Leonardo's face darkened as he asked her, "Where are the bowls?"

Summer pointed to the kitchen cabinet behind her.

The kitchen cabinet was right behind her. Leonardo came to open the cabinet. The kitchen was small and the space was limited. Summer could touch him with a single turn.

After Leonardo took the bowls and left, Summer went out with him.

Rosie watched as Leonardo took out the bowls. She gave Leonardo a thumb up like Summer, and said seriously, "Daddy, you're great!"

Leonardo had lived for decades and was praised by a little girl for the first time.

However, he wasn't in a special mood.

He pursed his lips and said indifferently, "Let’s eat."

Fortunately, Rosie had long been accustomed to Leonardo's indifferent looking. Even if Leonardo was different from before, it was difficult for Rosie to discover.

Children ate less, so Rosie was always the first to finish her meal.

After she finished her meal, she went to the side to play with her toys.

Only Summer and Leonardo were left, sitting face to face at the dining table.

The atmosphere was rarely harmonious. Summer asked, "Is there any news about that hypnotist?"

"No," Leonardo said without raising his head.

Summer's face turned a little serious. She pondered for a moment and said, "If you can't find him, it can only mean that he is deliberately avoiding us."

Leonardo looked up at her.

Although he didn't say anything, Summer could tell from his eyes that he was signaling her to continue.

"The hypnotist Kate found is the world's top hypnotist and he must be expensive. Let's assume that Kate gave him a very generous reward. However, he is avoiding us now. It means that he may not covet money. After all, the reward you can give him is definitely more than what Kate can give him."

After Summer finished her words, she looked up at Leonardo.

Leonardo put down his chopsticks, leaned back, and said in an unemotional tone, "Go ahead."

"This means that the hypnotist may be trying to hypnotize you for some reason...."

This time, Leonardo interrupted Summer before she could finish, "Some reason? For example?"

Summer thought for a moment and said, "Let's make a simple conjecture.copy right hot novel pub