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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 441 Let Leonardo Be a Good Boy

Tim said, "OK."

When he hung up the phone and turned around, he saw Leonardo staring at him expressionlessly.

Leonardo's eyes were a little sharp. Tim felt like he was being seen through by Leonardo.

He said embarrassedly, "Mr. Emerson."

Leonardo didn't change his face and asked, "What did she say to you?"

Although Tim had worked under Leonardo for so long, he was still shocked by Leonardo's keen senses.

Tim was very sure that Leonardo hadn't seen the caller ID, but Leonardo still guessed that it was Summer calling.

"Mrs. Emerson asked me to go over and bring Rosie to your place if you don't go to her place for dinner tonight." Since Leonardo had guessed that the call was from Summer, Tim could only tell the truth.


Leonardo snorted coldly before revealing an extremely faint smile. "That woman is inconstant. She has found another boyfriend, and now she wants to give Rosie to me."

"Mr. Emerson, aren't you ... thinking too much?" Tim really couldn't understand why Leonardo would think that way.

It was simply his imagination.

"I told her last night that I would go to her place for dinner tonight. However, she took my daughter to have lunch with another man today!"

As speaking, Leonardo threw the documents out of his hand. "She wants to remarry me, but she is going out on a date with another man. She's quite bold."

After hesitating for a moment, Tim decided to say something for Summer, "They are not on a date. Mr. Stanley is Mrs. Emerson's savior. She recovered her memories, so she treated Mr. Stanley to a meal. It's normal...."

In the past, Leonardo was a little unreasonable, but he still had a normal sense of right and wrong.

But now, Leonardo had an over-fancy mind.

Summer was just having a meal with Stanley, but Leonardo actually felt that Summer was inconstant and fell in love with Stanley.

Leonardo's imagination was so absurd that Tim couldn't keep up with him.copy right hot novel pub