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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 440 Don't Disturb Her

Summer was about to say something, but Stanley interrupted her.

"I know what you want to ask, but today's topic is that you are treating me to lunch." Stanley stared at Summer. "If you really want to ask those questions, you can ask first."

Summer felt she needed to take back her previous thoughts.

She didn't like to talk to smart people.

Smart people can tell at a glance what you are thinking, what you want to ask, and what you want to do.

Since she had shown her cards to Stanley and admitted that she had recovered her memories, she naturally wanted to ask about what happened three years ago and how Stanley knew her.

However, since Stanley said so, she wouldn't ask about that again.

The meal turned into a simple lunch between friends.

Without mentioning Summer's doubts, they ate happily.

But things didn't always go as smoothly as they thought.

Just as they were about to finish their meal, a group of people walked in from outside.

Summer only took a glance at them and did not look carefully.

Rosie, who was sitting beside Summer, saw Leonardo standing behind the crowd with keen eyes.

Rosie shouted excitedly, "Leonardo."

However, she was sitting in a booster seat and she couldn't get out of it. So she could only shake her body and be anxious.

As soon as Leonardo stepped into the restaurant, he frowned and stopped. "Someone is calling me."

Tim, who was following behind Leonardo, had no choice but to stop with him.

Leonardo listened carefully for a while and heard no one calling Leonardo.

The people walking in front were extremely cautious. When they noticed that Leonardo stopped, they didn't dare to go any further. They could only stop and wait for Leonardo.

Just as Tim was about to remind Leonardo, he saw Leonardo looking towards a certain place.

Tim followed Leonardo's the line of sight and saw Rosie sitting in a booster seat with excitement, and Summer beside Rosie.

It would be fine if it was just like that.

However, there was a man sitting opposite Summer.

Tim turned around and carefully looked at Leonardo's face. He did not notice anything unusual. He looked away, respectfully stood behind Leonardo, and said, "Mrs. Emerson and Miss Rosie are there. Are you going to say hello to them, Mr. Emerson?"

Tim was accustomed to calling Summer "Mrs. Emerson", and Leonardo did not correct him, so he didn't change.

"Don't you see that she is eating happily with another man?" Leonardo sneered, "Don't disturb her.copy right hot novel pub