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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 439 Do You Want to Be a Stepfather?

Summer asked Rosie, "You mean Aunt Jessica and Uncle Carl?"

"Yes." Rosie nodded.

"They went back last night."

After Summer finished speaking, she saw a trace of disappointment flashing across Rosie's face.

Kids just liked being around with people

Moreover, Rosie did not have any playmates of the same age. She played with toys or watched cartoons all day long.

Although Summer could accompany Rosie, the kids still needed more playmates and fun.

Summer could not bear to see Rosie disappointed, so she said, "Your Daddy said he would come here tonight."

"Will Daddy come here?" Rosie asked with her eyes sparkling.

"Yes." Summer nodded and wiped the corner of Rosie's mouth with a tissue. "So, you should be a good girl and have your breakfast. You can see Leonardo tonight."

Rosie probably thought that Summer called Leonardo's name in a funny way as she did, so she burst into laughter.

After breakfast, Rosie went to play alone.

Perhaps Rosie had always played alone, and she enjoyed playing alone.

Summer looked at her for a while and went to clean up the kitchen.

At this time, her phone rang.

Seeing the caller ID on her phone, Summer hesitated for a moment before answering.

Summer answered the phone and said, "Stanley."

Stanley said with the merest suggestion of a laugh in her voice, "I've been a little busy lately, and I didn't have time to call you. How are you?"

Summer could vaguely hear him flipping through the paper documents, and asked, "You go to work so early?"

Stanley said half-jokingly, "I'm alone. It doesn't matter whether I go to work or not."

When Summer heard what he said, she couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

No matter what, the person who saved her was Stanley. She didn't think of Stanley when she held a party after moving to new house.

Summer said, "Your female patients will probably be able to queue up to the airport, right?" Stanley was famous. Apart from some real patients, there were also some women who deliberately made appointments with him not for curing illness.

Stanley chuckled, "I wish you could make an appointment with me."

Summer replied, "I'll invite you to a meal. No time like the present. I'll treat you to lunch today."

Stanley seemed to be surprised, "Really?"

"Yes, I'll send you the address of the restaurant later."

Just as Summer finished speaking, Rosie was calling her again outside.copy right hot novel pub