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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 438 Taking an Inch, lean in for a Yard

Before Carl could finish, he let out a miserable scream, as Jessica kicked him again.

Jessica kicked him harder than ever, so Carl couldn't help but let out a scream.

Carl hugged his feet and hopped up in circles. Jessica raised her chin and glared at him, "Who's stupid?"

Carl endured the pain in his feet and calmly replied, "I'm stupid, my lady."

Jessica sneered. She turned around and leaned her ear against the door, eavesdropping what was going on inside.

However, the room was effectively soundproof, and Jessica did not hear anything. She could only turn around and left with disappointment.

In the room.

After Jessica and Carl left, the room suddenly became quiet.

Summer thought she was embarrassed enough when Jessica and Carl were here. But to her surprise, she would be even more embarrassed after they left.

Not only did she not know what to say, she did not even know what to do.

Leonardo looked calm as he ate slowly.

Suddenly, Leonardo asked, "Is your cooking always so good?"

Summer was a little surprised that Leonardo would praise her cooking skills so generously.

However, people who could cook usually felt a sense of crisis when they were praised for their cooking skills.

Because, once someone praised you for your cooking skills, it meant that the person who praised had the intention to keep you cooking.

Summer didn't know how to answer this question, so she said, "I always cook."

Leonardo did not say anything else and continued eating.

Summer had some food with Jessica and Carl, so she did not feel hungry anymore.

She slowly picked up the food and ate it. She felt that the food was getting cold.

She stood up and said, "I'll heat the dishes up. It's getting a little cold."

Leonardo didn't look up and said, "No necessary."

He still ate slowly.

Other than onions, Leonardo ate everything. In a sense, he was not a picky eater.

There were so many servants in his house, and the cooks were professionals. Summer did not think that her cooking skills were that shocking.

However, it seemed that Leonardo liked the food she cooked very much as he did in the past.

"Why do you like my cooking?" Summer asked as she thought this.

"Guess." Leonardo said seriously.

Summer didn't know why.copy right hot novel pub