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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 431 Doing a Bad Thing with Good Intentions

Although Summer didn't get any information from Leonardo, she did not feel very depressed.

She believed that it would not be difficult for Leonardo to find such a hypnosis expert.

After Leonardo returned home, he handed his coat to the servant and sat down on the sofa.

He looked up at the crystal lamp above his head and looked around.

There were only bodyguards and servants in the large villa.

He took out his phone and opened the message box.

There was only one text in it.

It was from Summer last night. "Good night."

When he received the text message last night, he felt that this woman was extremely boring and wanted to blacklist her, but for some reason, he did not do it.

Maybe he was too sleepy and fell asleep then.

"Mr. Emerson."

Tim's voice made Leonardo regain his senses.

Leonardo locked the screen of his phone and looked up at Tim.

He didn't say anything, and just raised his eyebrows.

Tim asked cautiously, "What do you want to eat tonight, Mr. Emerson?"

Recently, Leonardo had been in a special situation, so Tim lived in Leonardo's house.

Fortunately, Leonardo still trusted him.

However, as his special assistance, Tim had a lot of duties. Apart from being Leonardo's working assistant, he still needed to deal with his daily necessities.

Because of what happened last night, the servants in the kitchen did not dare to cook anymore.

They were afraid that Leonardo would not like the food they cooked and lose his temper, so they could only send Tim to ask Leonardo.

Leonardo said indifferently, "Why will they ask me about such a trifle?"

To him, it was a trifle, but to those servants, it was the most important thing.

"Mr. Emerson, do you want to eat the food cooked by Mrs. Emerson?" Tim asked boldly.

For the first time, Leonardo did not correct Tim's words. Instead, he asked, "You mean Summer?"

Noticing thesmall detail, Tim replied, "Yes."


Leonardo sneered and said mockingly, "Last night, she came to cook. However, it's already late now, but she hasn't come home yet. She still wants to be back with me! No way!"

Tim wiped the sweat off his forehead.copy right hot novel pub