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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 429 She Does Everything She Can

Summer smiled and said, "Your acting is so exaggerated. Will the audience like it?"

"Life is about expressing feelings in a more exaggerated way."

She suddenly blinked her eyes and said, "How about giving me a role in your next script? A role that is tailor-made for me and can make me famous."

Jessica's mouth was still filled with foam. When she said the words "famous", she even raised her toothbrush and waved it in the air.

She looked like a child in high spirits.

Summer was slightly absent-minded.

It had been three years, but she didn't seem to have changed much.

"Alright, I'll make a script for you, but I can’t guarantee it will make you famous, but it will definitely be customized for you." Summer said seriously.

It was not easy for an actress to get a suitable role for herself.

Jessica smiled and said, "It is a deal."

Jessica was really on vacation.

Summer wanted to meet Kate, so she naturally couldn't bring Rosie along.

Therefore, Rosie could only stay at home with Jessica.

Fortunately, Rosie and Jessica were already getting along well with each other. So, it was not difficult for Jessica to look after Rosie now.

Summer told Jessica to remember to give Rosie water and she was not allowed to eat too many snacks.

Today was a working day, so Summer went directly to the Emerson Group to meet Kate.

However, the receptionist said to her, "The vice president is on a long vacation."

"Long vacation? Why would she suddenly take a long vacation?" Kate took a long vacation at this particular point. Summer felt that it was abnormal.

The receptionist said apologetically, "Sorry, we don't know."

"Thank you." Summer thanked her and then called Tim.

Although she knew that Tim and Leonardo were currently in this building, it was not easy for her to enter this company casually, let alone go to the president's office on the top floor.

She was concentrating on his phone call and didn't notice the people in front of her.

When the call was put through, she bumped into a man.

Summer felt that her nose was so painful.

She covered her nose and looked up tearfully. To her surprise, she saw Leonardo's expressionless cold face.

Summer was stunned for a moment, then slowly put down her phone and shouted, "Leonardo?"

Leonardo sneered and said, "It seems I've underestimated you. You even directly went to my company.copy right hot novel pub