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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 426 Do You Love Me?

Jessica asked in shock, "Really? Did he beat you?"

She didn’t expect that.

Although she thought Leonardo was terrifying, she didn't think Leonardo would beat his three-year-old daughter.

How could he even do this to such a cutie?

Rosie picked up a piece of rib with chopsticks and used the other hand to grab it. She vaguely replied while chewing, "Yes."

"Beat you? How?" Summer did not believe that Leonardo would do this.

When Rosie lived with Leonardo, he would have turned a cold face to her at most.

"Like this..."

Rosie raised her hand to touch her face, but she realized that she was holding a rib. So she put down the chopsticks in the other hand and reached out to pinch her own face.

"He... beat me like this," She emphasized.

She then continued eating.

Rosie had good teeth and liked to gnaw bones.

Even Summer couldn't hold back and laughed out.

"Then I'll help you beat him up next time we see him!" Summer smiled and said to Rosie.

Rosie nodded, "Go home."

Summer was surprised.

Then she realized that Rosie was missing Leonardo.

Although Leonardo had lost his temper at noon, Rosie was a child after all and she had already forgotten about it.

Summer did not reply.

It seemed that Rosie said it but didn't mean it, as she continued to eat.

"I haven't finished yet."

Jessica continued the topic, "When I was in Golden Cauldron Club, I saw Leonardo mix the rice for Rosie and pour the soup for her. He did look very gentle at that time."

However, he always spoke coldly.

Mr. Emerson might be a good man, but most of the time, he appeared frightening.

Summer imagined that scene in her mind.

When she had lived with Leonardo, she had been the one to take care of Rosie. So she had never seen Leonardo taking care of Rosie.copy right hot novel pub