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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 425 She Felt Guilty

Summer and Jessica hurried back. They opened the door and discovered the TV was turned on.

Summer shouted, "Rosie?"

Rosie stood up from the sofa. There were potato chips on her chin and face. Her hair was messy and she was holding a remote control.

Seeing Summer, she cried out in surprise, "Mom!"

Rosie was small. She had been blocked by the back of the sofa so Summer didn’t see her.

Rosie ran down the sofa and towards Summer barefoot, holding the remote tightly in her hand.

Summer squatted down to wipe the chips off her face. She held Rosie up and said, "What are you doing?"

"TV." Rosie waved the remote control and pointed at the TV behind her.

Jessica walked to the sofa and saw snacks and candies sprinkling on the sofa. Beside them was a bottle of yogurt.

Jessica couldn't stop laughing, "Oh my god, how did Rosie find my snacks and open them! She's so smart!"

Summer walked over with Rosie in her arms. Seeing the mess on the sofa, she pulled a wry face.

"Did you take them by yourself?" Summer put Rosie on the sofa and asked her to stand properly so that their eyes were at the same level.

Summer looked serious. Rosie sensed it and rubbed her small hands behind. She blinked her eyes and whispered, "Yes."

Jessica pushed Summer and said, "You scared her."

"See? Did you make Auntie Jessica's sofa dirty?" Summer asked Rosie as she pointed at the sofa.

Rosie looked at it and nodded.

Summer's tone softened a little, "You can't do this next time, OK? Do you want to help Auntie Jessica clean it up?"

Rosie obediently replied, "Yes."

Summer looked at Rosie and suddenly felt so sad.

She turned around, tears rolling out of her eyes.

Summer calmed herself down and tried to make her sound the same as usual, "Help Auntie Jessica clean the sofa, OK? Mom needs to use the bathroom."

She then hurried to the bathroom.

Summer closed the bathroom door abruptly. She leaned against the door and slowly slid to the ground while covering her face with her hand to suppress the sound of crying.

Outside the door, Rosie pointed at the bathroom door helplessly and looked at Jessica, "Mom?"

Jessica had heard Summer's crying just now.

She smiled and said to Rosie, "Mom is washing her hands. She will come out soon.copy right hot novel pub