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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 419 Where Do You Get the Guts?

The bodyguard was so scared by Leonardo's expression that his hand trembled. "I'm getting you out of the car. We have arrived at the hospital."

As he spoke, he retreated a little so that Leonardo could see the hospital gate.

"Why are we here? Who told you to bring me here? Answer me!" The bodyguard felt the evident exasperation from the last words "Answer me!"

The bodyguard fell silent out of fear. He did not dare to speak or retreat, but could only look at Summer for help.

Following the bodyguard's gaze, Leonardo discovered that Summer was also in the car.

"You asked him to take me here?" Leonardo narrowed his eyes and held her chin. "Why did you send me to the hospital? Where did you get the guts?" said his cold voice.

Summer pulled herself up sharply at Leonardo's angry tone.

She had never seen Leonardo like this before.

"You look sick. You felt very uncomfortable at home. That's why I asked him to send you here." Summer carefully sized him up as she spoke.

His eyes were very dark. The darkness was black as ink. In normal times, when he didn't laugh, he looked a little gloomy. Not to mention that he was in a rage now.

However, Summer did not know where his anger came from.

These days, they lived under the same roof. She had never seen Leonardo like this.

Hearing her words, Leonardo scowled at her, his grip tightening on her chin.

Summer gasped in pain, "Leonardo, can you let him go first?"

"You know me?" Not only did Leonardo not let go, but his eyes grew sharper. Then he asked, "Who are you?"

"I...." Just as Summer was about to say her name, she noticed Leonardo was not normal.

She asked Leonardo in disbelief, "Don't you know me?"

Although both of them lost their memories three years ago, how could he suddenly forget her? They had been living under the same roof for so long.

Summer pushed his hand off her chin. Then, she moved closer to Leonardo, pointed at herself, and said seriously, "Look at me. Can't you recognize me?"

Leonardo curled his lips in disdain and said, "Why should I know you? Because you are not totally unattractive?"

Summer didn't know what to say.

Who could tell her what was going on?

Was there something wrong with his brain?

Summer's countenance changed slightly. When he went out in the morning, Leonardo looked very normal...copy right hot novel pub