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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 415 What She Said Was Full of Holes

When Leonardo finally appeared in the office, Kate had waited for him for forty minutes.

Kate called Leonardo halfway, but he did not answer.

As soon as Leonardo entered, Kate walked up to him angrily and asked, "Where have you been?"

"I was in a meeting." Leonardo walked around her to his desk.

Kate rolled her eyes and asked tentatively, "Did you just go to a meeting?"

Leonardo looked at her, "Cut to the chase."

Kate did not doubt his words. In her opinion, Leonardo was always like this and she was used to his behavior.

She walked to Leonardo's desk, "I haven't seen Rosie for several days and I miss her very much. So, I went to your house to see her today. But now I have something for you."

As she spoke, Kate took out a recording pen from her bag and placed it in front of Leonardo. Then she pressed the "on" button.

There was a noise in the recording firstly, and then the conversation between them was heard.

"You stay with Leonardo because of his power and money, don't you? How much do you want if I ask you to leave him?"

"Even if I like that, I won't leave him because you will give me the money. It's a better way for me to stay with him and be the mother of his child, isn't it?"

"Well, how much will you offer? If I'm satisfied with that, I can consider your request."

Kate knew Leonardo could distinguish their voices.

She turned off the recording and said sternly, "Leonardo, you heard what Summer had said. As long as I give her some money, she will leave you. You want such a 'material girl'?"

From Kate's point of view, Leonardo would dislike Summer since he heard what she said.

Moreover, Leonardo was president of the Emerson Group, and he had the final say on the matters of the Emerson Group.

'He couldn't tolerate Summer who liked his money and power.'

Kate made a good plan, but she didn't expect that Leonardo wasn't on the same side as her.

Originally, she believed that after listening to the recording, Leonardo would feel disgusted with Summer.

However, Leonardo merely asked, "How much will you offer to ask Summer to leave me?"

Certainly, Kate did not know Summer had lost her memory.

Kate's expression changed slightly, "Leonardo, what do you mean?"

Leonardo remained expressionless, but Kate felt scared inexplicably.

Kate thought that if her answer failed to satisfy Leonardo, she might be in danger.

Leonardo sneered, his brows and eyes filled with chill, "I asked you first, so you answer me."

"I was just trying to trick Summer. I didn't expect that she would say that." Kate was getting smarter and didn't dare to answer his question directly.

Suddenly, Leonardo said slowly, "You don't like Summer. This is why you didn’t allow the rescue team to save her when we were in danger on that island, isn't it?"

"I was just worried about you because you were seriously injured then.copy right hot novel pub