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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 41 Don’t Have the Guts to Step Forward

Summer was sober. She could feel that they were two men.

They were strong. No matter how she struggled, she was unable to break free from them.

“Where are you taking me?” she wanted to shout for help, but her voice was low.

Summer felt that she had been brought into a room and thrown onto the bed.

She bent her arms and struggled to get up, but she was limp.

Then she heard their conversations.

“She’s so ugly. Why do you take her here?”

“Although she’s ugly, her figure is so well proportioned…” This was a woman’s voice. The woman stopped for a while and said viciously, “No matter how you treat her, don’t kill her.”

Summer clenched her hands tightly and pinched her palms forcefully. She tried to sober herself.

She felt painful and sober. She saw a man and a woman standing by the bed and talking.

She couldn’t hear clearly. She wanted to get out of bed, but she fell off the bed.

She fell on the ground!

The sound attracted the attention of them. The man walked over and threw her onto the bed. He was surprised. He said, “She’s amazing. She could move even after taking such a large amount of medicines.”

“Feed her more medicines.”

“Wake her up later...”

They pinched her chin. She felt painful. They fed her the cold liquid. Then she fell into a coma.

Leonardo worked in the study. He was about to go downstairs to pour a glass of water.

Summer room was not far from his study.

When he came out, he glanced at her room and found that the door was open.

She followed a daily routine like an old lady. Didn’t she go to sleep? It was late.

Leonardo strode towards her room. He pushed the door open. She didn’t turn off the lights.copy right hot novel pub