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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 408 A Terrible Reason

"Mr. Carl's greeting gift for Rosie." As Summer spoke, she turned around and smiled at Carl.

Carl smiled complacently.

Leonardo weighed the safe in his hand and turned to look at Carl. He said indifferently, "Rosie has no concept of money right now."

Carl was shocked, "You didn't even look inside. How did you know that it was filled with money?"

"What else can you put in here?" Leonardo said indifferently, slightly showing his disgust.

But anyone who knew him could tell.

Carl had a serious expression, "You..."

Clearly, Leonardo didn't want to waste time on Carl anymore. He turned around to look at Summer, "Come with me."


Before she could figure out why Leonardo was suddenly here, she was asked to go somewhere with him...

Leonardo handed the safe to Tim and instructed, "Take Rosie home."

"Yes," Tim replied respectfully.

Then, Leonardo turned around and said to Rosie, "Follow Uncle Tim back. We'll go back later. Wait for us at home."

Rosie nodded uncomprehendingly.

Leonardo was six feet tall, yet Rosie was only three years old. Standing in front of him, she looked like a small ball. Leonardo was at least a meter taller than her.

Although it wasn't a tender scene, the little daughter nodding at her father in confusion was especially adorable to others.

However, Leonardo was clearly not interested in continuing to play his part in this loving scene. After he finished speaking, he directly took Summer's hand and went out.

Summer wanted to say something to Rosie, but now, she didn't have time to say it anymore.

She could only turn around and say to Rosie, "Be good and follow Uncle Tim home. Daddy and I will be back soon. Bye!"

Her last word carried with it an accent of coaxing.

Rosie looked confused, but she still obediently waved her hand at Summer.

Summer followed Leonardo out of the Golden Cauldron Club.

As soon as they were out of the door, Summer immediately shook off Leonardo's hand and said, "I can walk.copy right hot novel pub