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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 406 Only Show It to You

Summer gradually figured it out that Rosie liked beauties.

Besides, children were always closer to women.

Jessica worked in the entertainment industry. Not surprisingly, she was good-looking. Rosie easily had a good impression of her.

Jessica sat down with Rosie in her arms. She turned to look at Carl and said with a smile, "Mr. Carl, are you free today?"

Carl pretended not to understand the meaning behind her words and said, "I'm very busy, but Rosie is coming today, so I give myself a day off."

“You want to chase me away? Impossible!” Carl said to himself.

Summer looked at Jessica and then at Carl, smiling and didn't say anything anymore.

She turned around and saw Rosie looking at her nervously.

She called her, "Rosie?"

Rosie became even more nervous. She squirmed on Jessica's body as if she wanted to come down.

Wasn't it just fine? What happened all of a sudden?

Jessica also sensed Rosie’s reaction, so she put her on the ground.

As soon as Rosie's feet landed on the ground, she ran to Summer and plunged her head into her chest.

Summer felt that it was a little funny.

She picked Rosie up and suppressed her laughter. She whispered to her, "What's wrong?"

Rosie cautiously looked at Jessica and quickly turned around to hug Summer's neck. She whispered, "She's weird."

"Who?" Summer was surprised for a moment. Then, she asked Rosie, "Are you saying that the aunt who just hugged you was weird?"

Rosie crossed her fingers and nodded nervously.

Summer opened her mouth in confusion.

Jessica looked at Rosie excitedly and asked Summer, "What did she say?"

Summer blinked her eyes and shook her head with a smile.

Then, she lowered her head and whispered to Rosie, "Why do you say that she is weird? Don't you think she's very beautiful?"

Rosie glanced at Jessica and happened to meet her smiling face.

She leaned back into Summer's arms and said softly, "I do."

"Then why do you think that she's weird? Don’t you know she likes you very much?" Summer stroked Rosie's hair and tried to change her opinion.

"Dad said... she was weird." When she was in the middle of her sentence, Rosie's voice was too low, and Summer could not hear clearly. Yet she still understood what Rosie meant.

Summer didn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

She raised her head and asked Jessica, "Have you met Leonardo before?"

"Yes, I happened to see him last time when he brought Rosie here." As Jessica said this, she blinked at Rosie, "Little Rosie was also here. She even greeted me."

After Summer heard Jessica's words, she really went speechless.

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