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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 405 Fragmentary Memories

Leonardo said last night that someone would come to pick them up when they went out.

Summer was only expecting a driver or a bodyguard. It was truly a surprise that Leonardo would dispatched Tim to send them off.

Seeing that Summer had come out with Rosie hand in hand, Tim smiled and said, "Ms. Summer."

Then, he turned to look at Rosie and smiled, "Rosie."

Rosie still remembered Tim. She said sweetly, "Uncle Tim."

Summer did not expect that it would be Tim who had come tonight, so she directly asked him, " Tim, why are you here?"

"Maybe it's because Mr. Emerson trusts me." Tim smiled slightly. He looked very calm and confident.

Summer thought for a moment. After all, she was going to take Rosie out with her, so Leonardo had to send someone trustworthy to send them away.

It made perfect sense.

Summer nodded slightly, "Thank you."

Tim frowned and then smiled. He respectfully pulled open the car door.

Summer carried Rosie into the car.

Golden Cauldron Club was the place Jessica had chosen to meet Summer.

Considering what had happened last time, it would be safer to meet there.

After sending them to Golden Cauldron Club, Tim left and returned to the Emerson Group. He had to report to Leonardo.

Because Leonardo had made clear Rosie's real identity, Kate had been trying to come to look for him again and again in the past few days.

When Tim pushed open the door of Leonardo's office, he heard Kate's shrill voice, "What's wrong with this contract? You are not the only decision-maker. Half of the Emerson Group is mine!"

Then, Tim heard Leonardo calling the secretary through the extension and saying, "Come in and invite Miss Kate out."

"Leonardo, don't go too far!"

Kate was so furious that she directly threw the document in her hand onto the ground. Before Leonardo's secretary could come in and chase her away, she walked out angrily.

Tim retreated to the door and slightly lowered his head, waiting for Kate to go out first.

Kate noticed Tim was standing by the door. She sneered and snorted, "You are a dog!"

Then, she left in a hurry.

Tim closed the door calmly and strode to Leonardo's desk, saying, "Mr. Emerson."

Leonardo was not affected by Kate at all. He continued to focus on the documents in front of him.

When he heard Tim's voice, he did not raise his head either. He only asked, "Did you send them over?"

"Yes," Tim said with his head slightly lowered.

Leonardo raised his head and asked Tim, "Have you heard anything from the brain specialist that I asked you to contact before?"

Hearing this, Tim immediately became serious.copy right hot novel pub