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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 404 Thinking Too Much

Summer was very full.

She didn't care about what Leonardo said, but after Rosie finished eating, she pushed the plate and showed it to her...

Summer had no choice but to eat them all up.

She had a good appetite recently, but she still eats less than normal women.

After breakfast, Leonardo went to the company.

Summer played with Rosie.

In the past, when Rosie was in the old mansion, she would play with servants, not as happily as playing with Summer.

The most important thing a child needed was to get someone to play with her. It was easy to get close to her.

Moreover, Rosie liked Summer.

Leonardo didn't come back to eat at noon. In the afternoon, Rosie asked Summer to accompany her at nap time.

Summer accompanied Rosie to take a nap.

Rosie could sleep for a long time if someone accompanied her.

Rosie slept soundly, and thus Summer slept with her for a long time.

Until she heard the sound of the door opening in a daze, she suddenly woke up.

She first glanced at Rosie, who was lying beside her.

Rosie was hugging Summer's arm and sleeping soundly. Only then did Summer look up at the door.

Right now, it got dark outside, and the light in the room was somewhat dim.

She frowned slightly. After her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she found the person standing at the half-opened door was Leonardo.

Leonardo was in the suit he wore when he went out in the morning. He looked exceptionally tall and slender in the elegant and crisp suit.

Summer stared blankly for a moment before she gently got out of bed and took away the phone that was placed at the bedside.

After confirming that she hadn't woken up Rosie, she walked towards the door with confidence.

Seeing her come out, Leonardo turned around and walked out.

Closing the door, Summer followed behind Leonardo. Looking at the time, she found that it was already past five o'clock. No wonder Leonardo had already returned.copy right hot novel pub