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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 403 Rosie's Custody

Summer watched Rosie while squeezing the toothpaste and brushing her teeth.

Rosie brushed her teeth for a while, then took a mouthful of water, and spat it out.

She stood on the stool and brushed her teeth in front of the mirror. Seeing this, Summer's heart was softened.

She was a good girl.

In other words, it was Leonardo who taught Rosie to be such a good girl.

Summer was distracted.

Leonardo had indeed done more for Rosie than her.

If Leonardo were more arrogant, he wouldn't have allowed her to live in even though Rosie liked her.

He could completely ignore her and not give her this chance.

"Mom, you have to spit it out, like this..."

Hearing that, Summer came to herself.

She lowered her head and saw Rosie took a mouthful of water. She swirled it around her mouth and spat it out.

Then, Rosie opened her eyes wide and asked her seriously, "It was like this, can you spit it out?"

Summer nodded cooperatively, "Yes."

"Then spit it out." Rosie didn't seem to believe her and continued to stare at her.

Summer could only do as Rosie said and rinse her mouth in the same way as she did just now.

Then Rosie patted her arm and said, "That's great."

Summer froze for a moment, and then she smiled, "Really? Rosie is even better than me!"

Rosie was embarrassed by her praise. After laughing, she jumped off the stool and went out to play with her small hairpins.

Summer quickly brushed her teeth and washed her face, and then went out to tie Rosie's hair.

Rosie was very demanding about tying her hair.

Summer asked her, "What kind of hairstyle do you want?"

"Pigtails ... Princess' hairstyle ... It's so long, and it's like this here..copy right hot novel pub