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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 402 Kiss Him

The next moment, Jessica was coughing on the other end of the phone, "I'm choking on water. Wait for me..."

Jessica had poured water to drink, but when she heard Summer's question, she choked on the water.

She knew very well Summer had lost her memory now. But in her eyes, Summer was Leonardo's beloved one. The person who understood Leonardo best should be Summer.

Unexpectedly, Jessica was shocked by Summer's question.

Jessica drank a glass of water before picking up the phone and talking to Summer.

"Summer, what did you just say?"

"I just asked you ... what kind of person Leonardo is?" Summer had probably guessed what Jessica was thinking, and she also felt that her question sounded a little strange.

"Well ... let me think..." Jessica paused for a moment before summing up a few words for her: "Rich, handsome, cold, terrifying."

This was the impression Leonardo had given her during Jessica's contact with him.

Everyone could see that Leonardo was both rich and handsome.

And he was a bit cold.

As for terrifying...

A little.

Summer was a little surprised, "That’s all? Is there anything else?"

"No." Jessica sighed, "To be frank, the person who knows the boss best should be you."

"Why do you call him Boss?" Summer hadn't finished reading the information, so she didn't know that Leonardo was the boss of Tip Top Media Company.

"He is Tip Top Media Company's boss behind-the-scenes," Jessica said.

Summer felt it unbelievable.

Because it was already too late, Summer did not chat more with Jessica.

Before hanging up, Jessica asked curiously, "Why do you suddenly ask me about this today? Did something happen between you and my Boss?"

Leonardo didn't have much contact with Carl now. So Carl wasn't very clear about what Leonardo was doing recently.

Carl told Jessica about anything happened before.copy right hot novel pub