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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 400 Not a Normal Person

Leonardo did not respond to Summer anymore. Exceptionally painful, he grabbed Summer's hand tightly.

It seemed that this would relieve his pain.

Seeing this, Summer tentatively called, "Leonardo?"

Leonardo was still fine before she left. How did he end up like this?

Leonardo remained silent, his breathing slightly heavier, as if he was trying his best to suppress some sort of pain.

"Let go of me first. I have to get someone to take you to the hospital!" Summer could not break free from his hands and sweated profusely.

With a pale face, Leonardo looked fragile, but somehow he got the strength to keep a tight grip on her.

Unyieldingly, Summer patted him with the other hand, "Hello? Leonardo?"

Unexpectedly, Leonardo grabbed the hand as soon as she reached out.

He lifted his eyelids and whispered, "Be quiet...."

Summer glared at him angrily.

Her hands were being grasped by Leonardo and half of his body was leaning on her legs. She simply couldn't move.

No phone around, and no servants passed by the door.

Ever since she was in the room today, she didn't see any servant on the second floor. If her guess was right, Leonardo must have a strong sense of private fiefdom. Normally, he would not allow servants to go upstairs.

Otherwise, she wouldn't return to take the plates.

Summer shouted at the door, "Is anyone there? Leonardo fainted! Mr. Emerson fainted!"

Seeing Leonardo fell to the floor, she sprinted for him and got no time to close the door.

The servants downstairs could hear her, right?

There was no sight of servants. Instead, Summer heard a weak and clear voice from Leonardo. "If you make any noise again, I will throw you out."

Summer lowered her head and raised both arms that were held by him. She said unhappily, "But you have to let me go first."

In the next moment, Leonardo released his grip on her.

As soon as Summer's hands were free, she propped herself up and wanted to stand up.

But because she had been kneeling on the ground with Leonardo leaning against her lap, her legs had gone numb.

She tried, but couldn't get to her feet. She could only straighten her legs slowly and sit on the ground, waiting for her legs to recover.

Leonardo was much more relaxed than her.copy right hot novel pub