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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 40 The Entertainment Industry Are Complicated

Summer stood behind Jerome and took half a step back. She wanted to stay away from Jerome.

Vicky said angrily, “Jerome! What do you mean? Are you going to protect this ugly woman?”

“She’s your sister.” Jerome frowned and disliked Vicky.

Vicky had been spoiled. How could she listen to Jerome’s words? She sneered, “Stop pretending to be kind. It was your idea to make me frame this ugly woman forcing her to confess to seducing my fiancé.”

Jerome replied, “It was because I believed you.”

Summer felt that she had underestimated Jerome.

The more upright a person pretended to be, the eviler he was.

Fortunately, she had already known Jerome well.

“Shut up!” Summer walked out from behind Jerome, looked at him and said, “After you! I want to have a talk my sister.”

Jerome believed Vicky and misunderstood Summer. The scandal of Vicky broke, so he believed Summer.

Summer and Vicky were sisters. It was better for them to solve it by themselves. He nodded and left.

After Jerome left, Vicky pounced towards Summer, “You’re a bitch! It’s all because of you. You ruined everything!”

Summer knew what Vicky wanted to do. She moved aside and Vicky pounced on the ground.

Summer squatted down and grabbed Vicky’s hair. Summer said coldly, “Vicky, you deserve this. You shouldn’t have set me up.”

She grabbed Vicky’s hair with great strength. Vicky’s face turned pale. She struggled to lift her head in the direction where Summer grabbed her hair to alleviate the pain.

Vicky screamed, “Are you crazy? How dare you do this to me?”

Summer sneered and slapped her face.

Vicky heard a loud slap!

Summer slapped her many times.

“You … I and Karen … let go....”

Vicky’s cheeks were swollen. She looked at Summer in disbelief. She was so afraid that she stuttered.

Summer smiled gently, “You owe me the slaps. Do you want to threaten me with Karen? Kill her.”

Although she said like that, she knew that she couldn’t be so ruthless towards Karen.

If she had been ruthless, she would have taken revenge on them after being forced to marry Leonardo.

However, she couldn’t be so ruthless towards them. If they hadn’t taken advantage of her and framed her, she wouldn’t have taken revenge on them.

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